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What Senior Citizens Bring To Animal Rescue Everywhere

What Senior Citizens Bring To Animal Rescue Everywhere is a very important statement as well as important question perhaps. First allow me to begin by saying this BLOG is in it's learning stage. Meaning I want to know more about your wants, needs, and desires from it. I have posted to the fb page asking you to let me know if you want to read the blog daily, weekly, and/or several times a week. This way I know exactly what my writing needs for you are. Also let me know what you wish to read about in the future. Many of you must have questions about animal rescue you would like answered.

This BLOG and fb page are for senior citizens who are veterans with tons of hours logged into VOLUNTEERING with their local animal rescues. It is also for those who have considered becoming a VOLUNTEER with their local animal rescues and not done so yet or are uncertain how to. Wanna bes are also welcome because you may want to be a VOLUNTEER with your local animal rescues. You may have not yet had the time to do so although plan to soon. All Senior Citizens are welcome here.You will all find something just right for you.

In the future I will be covering many of the infinite ways you can VOLUNTEER with animal rescues. The choices are infinite just like the number of you out there. Many have told me what a great concept this is, while others warn me of the potential liabilities. Only time will tell, yet I am optimistic this is such a fantastic concept with infinite possibilities.

Before I forget, PLEASE take the POLL, which is in the upper right hand section of this BLOG. Also post your comments at the end of the BLOG, and if you would like a particular POLL, let me know what it is. Thank you.

Before we continue I want to remind you to be sure to spread the word about the Facebook page and the BLOG. We need to increase the number of LIKES tremendously in order to get more Senior Citizens involved in VOLUNTEERING with animal rescue all over the world. The higher the number of LIKEs the greater the reach of this Facebook page and BLOG. So please be sure to inform all the seniors you know to visit the sites and participate with comments and postings. Just imagine the number of seniors all over the world and if just a small portion of them became a part of this concept 
So SHARE the Facebook page and post the link to it in as many places as possible. Maybe you could mention it at a group meeting in a senior community and even have the link posted in your community newsletter. Anything you can think of will be a great benefit and help to pass along information to other seniors all over the world.

So many of you have been VOLUNTEERING with animal rescues for years now and have found just what it is you enjoy doing the most. Remember you must help the new VOLUNTEERS in finding their special place. For this of you just beginning, many are uncertain how to get started. Well now that you are a Senior Citizen you have already begun. So congratulations and welcome to the very satisfying and remarkable world of Animal Rescue. Throughout this and upcoming BLOGS I will be mentioning ways you can VOLUNTEER your time and services with Animal Rescue. I invite you to post comments about what you do on the Facebook page and in here, as well as post the link to your local Animal Rescues and what VOLUNTEER positions they are hoping to have filled. Remember you are VOLUNTEERING just by informing others about what your local  Animal Rescue needs.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 A New Year For VOLUNTEERING With Animal Rescues Everywhere

2015 A New Year For VOLUNTEERING With Animal Rescues Everywhere……..

My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to all of you new senior citizen animal rescue VOLUNTEERS who began in 2014! Many of you have contacted me about how you might get started VOLUNTEERING with animal rescues in your immediate areas, while many have mentioned you became involved due to reading the various links to resources about VOLUNTEERING within this BLOG as well as the Facebook page:

Kudos especially to those of you who have been VOLUNTEERING for many years with animal rescues in your own communities and elsewhere. As you know it all starts with one step, which leads to another, and then another until you are well on your journey. The secret is not stopping for one moment.

Is it not so amazing as to just how many different ways there are to be VOLUNTEERS with your local animal rescue? The more you get involved, the more you find yet another way you can help to make a difference for these animals in need. Not only are there so many different ways to VOLUNTEER as there are different types of animal rescues for all species and breeds imaginable. So there is no way anyone can say they could not find an animal rescue to VOLUNTEER with. YOU are the VOLUNTEER, so choose or create a position that best suits you and the animals. Make it a WIN WIN.

Folks have asked me what do you do as a VOLUNTEER with animal rescue, which in fact is a very fair question, especially since I repeatedly "HINT" to you about doing it. I have covered that in earlier BLOGS you can read here in the archives, however for now I can give you an update in this one.

We first became involved with animal rescue in Las Vegas, Nevada. All you have to do is visit a Petsmart on any Saturday and there will be a local animal rescue showing off their adoptables. So we started fostering with Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, when it was just getting started. Best Friends Animal Society came to our attention during Hurricane Katrina, when we made donations. We gave forever homes to 2 labs, "Bubba' & "Mocha",  before relocating back to Hawaii, once we heard about the pet quarantine rules being changed. Juanilla did all her homework and paperwork so we walked right off the plane and picked up the 2 pups and took them home with us to their next forever home.

During our time there we became involved with Best Friends Animal Society as Hawaii Team Leader and Ambassadors while managing a virtual website for them and the state of Hawaii. We manned booths at local animal oriented events, and even our home to get the word out about BFAS. I even had the opportunity to attend their 25th Anniversary in Kanab, Utah, where I learned so much more about this wonderful organization. Promoted BFAS at Petco when it arrived in paradise to promote Science Diets pet food donations program.

We also volunteered with Hawaii Wild Bird Rescue taking in and rehoming birds as needed. For awhile we housed a myna named Spike before releasing "her".

I took photos for of adoptables for Oahu SPCA also for them to use on their website. They graciously allowed me to set up a table and literature promoting BFAS.

There was also a time when many of the local animal rescues in Hawaii were attempting to band together into a sort of cohesive initiative in order to gain strength and hopefully one day to have just one animal rescue location. I also partook in that.

While in Hawaii our youngest lab "Mocha", succumbed to lymphnode cancer. Before she passed over we adopted a poi pup, "Ku'Ipo" from Hawaii Humane Society to keep her active, which worked out splendidly. Poi means a mixed breed, as she is lab and basenji mix. Shortly afterwards we adopted another lab, a black pup named "Onyx".

As the economic attack came we relocated back to Las Vegas where we volunteered with Las Vegas Labrador Rescue. With them we fostered more labs. I kept photographing adoptables for local rescues.

Seizing another opportunity to photograph in Kanab, Utah, we relocated there. Kanab is the home of BFAS. It allowed us ample time to Volunteer with BFAS and help with other local animal rescues. Our time in Kanab was cut short due to my 90 year old Dad's health issues, so we left for Florida on the advice of his doctors. We became caregivers for him in Tampa Florida area. We still kept active with local animal rescues and  even fostered some lost dogs and cats where we lived before finding their owners.

While residing in all these places I managed to created FREE Facebook pages for many of them to help the animals in need there 24/7. Many of you are fans of these pages and LIKE them and have wondered what is it that I do to VOLUNTEER, since I am always asking and showing others how it is done. Well now you know. I have found it easier for me to create and manage the Facebook pages which allowed me to continue to be proactive with local and distant animal rescue while still caregiving for my Dad.

Sadly my Dad passed over this past December, so most likely we will be headed West once again. Back to California seems the best bet for now.

I wanted to give those of you who asked a bit of bio about me and why I do what it is I do to get as many others interested in VOLUNTEERING with local animal rescues as possible.

My latest venture and FREE FACEBOOK page is SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE, which is the ultimate WIN WIN in my book. Imagine with over 1 billion senior citizens throughout the world how many could become VOLUNTEERS with local animal rescues. So if you are a senior citizen or know some, please consider bookmarking that Facebook page and one day very soon, becoming a VOLUNTEER with your local animal rescue?

So as you can see, I was new to all of this and managed to get where I am today, with so many memorable animal rescue experiences to cherish, with even more to come. BTW it all started with        " That First Step ".

Hopefully the majority of you will be overly inspired by this and become VOLUNTEERS, and/or inform others so they can.

In closing I am going to list in link form the Facebook pages I have created so you can visit, bookmark, LIKE, post comments and photos, and more important, get inspired to create your own! Thank you for spending your time here with me. Again, I thank you for all you do to help animals in need everywhere. All you have to do is get started, and never stop!

Dennis Lubrano






BTW if any of you want to create your own Facebook pages for helping animals in any way in your areas please email me if you need any help.   Please be sure to submit your email at the top of this page so you are notified when each new BLOG is posted.

Also please be sure to post your comments about this BLOG. We respect your input immensely.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The VALUES of VOLUNTEERING with Animal Rescue

                              The VALUES of VOLUNTEERING with Animal Rescue

                                             SUMMERTIME and Animal Rescue

          Many of you are downsizing and looking to have yard sales this summer. Why not help out your local animal rescues at the same time? Ask your local animal rescues if they need any items to sell in their upcoming garage sale fundraisers. If so, then you might want to just donate yours to them, or perhaps what you have left over after your sale is completed? You can also offer them a portion of the proceeds of your sale as a donation. This way everyone wins! Remember, you can also offer to VOLUNTEER at their upcoming sale, as they can always use extra help.

          As you sort through your household items, consider blankets, towels, and bowls. Animal rescues as well as your local veterinarians can often use these items. So be sure to ask if any need these types of items so you can put them in your donation box for them. This is a wonderful form of recycling.

          Do any of your local Animal Rescues have pet food drives? Does your town or county have a Pet Food Bank? This might be the perfect opportunity for someone with a fundraising background to step in and organize? Many areas have Pet Food distributors that will work with donating goods to Animal Rescue.  

          Some rescues might use a specific brand, so that particular manufacturer might be contacted and ask about donating. Your area might be in dire need of a Pet Food Bank. There are many informational resource links online to help you with this. All you need is a little GOOGLING.

          REALTORS or anyone associated in any way with the housing market might wish to Volunteer and help out with an organization called FORECLOSED UPON PETS

          Your company might like to offer them support in someway or another. Just imagine all the folks working in the real estate industry and the strength those kinds of numbers can bring to Animal Rescues.

          Perhaps the offices and the Brokers can offer their parking lots as a place to hold local adoptions and fundraisers? Sort of an Animal Rescue OPEN HOUSE.

          REALTORS sell homes to people who buy homes and a FOREVER HOME is what these rescued animals need to dearly. It only seems fitting that the real estate industry be a big supporter for Animal Rescue everywhere. I invite anyone in the real estate industry to step up and start the ball rolling with local Real Estate Boards and Fortune 500 Real Estate Agencies who have the vast numbers and contacts to make a big difference in Animal Rescue. Imagine the Brand recognition that can be associated with it. Maybe even to pay the adoption fee for any home buyer client who wishes to add a new family member to their new home.

          I ask each and everyone of you for your patience with me. You see ideas constantly flow through my head and each one leads me to another. So please take my brainstorming ideas that appeal most suited to you and run with them. You are much better qualified than me to execute and make them successful.

          This is how you can VOLUNTEER. My apologies if much of this seems repetitious, or more like a pep talk, pep rally or cheerleader session. You have to realize  that each and every hour someone new to Animal Rescue and VOLUNTEERING reads this, and it is them we are targeting. You might know most of this and even more than I am mentioning here, which is great, however we always have to be on the lookout and ready for the new folks. This way they can be well informed and educated on the dynamics of Animal Rescue and VOLUNTEERING. So please be patient with me and help me welcome them here by posting your own valuable Animal Rescue and VOLUNTEERING information. As you know, experience is always the best teacher.

Thank you.

Dennis Lubrano

BTW please type in your email address in the submit area at the beginning of this BLOG so you can be notified when the next one is posted.

Monday, July 14, 2014


           Senior citizens, never ever believe that animal rescues have enough VOLUNTEERS. Never ever believe you do not have the ability to be an animal rescue VOLUNTEER. Ask yourself a few questions like:

Do I have the desire, ambition, and compassion to do it?

Do I have the available free time to do it?

Do I have skills that animal rescues need desperately?

Do I love animals?

Do I enjoy helping animals of all kinds?

Do I have the ability to foster rescue animals while a forever home is found for them?

Do I have the ability to make donations of unwanted goods for fundraising garage sales?

Do I have the means to make monetary donations?

Do I have the desire to see all animal rescues be NO KILL?

Do I have the ability to network socially online for animal rescues?

          These are just 10 simple questions for you to answer. How many answered YES to the majority of them? Even if you answered YES to just one, YOU ARE ANIMAL RESCUE VOLUNTEER MATERIAL!

           Those of you Senior Citizens of WWII era recognize Uncle Sam here asking for your help. The same goes for your local animal rescues who need you so desperately to help all the animals in need in your community. So how can you say no to them? NO YOU CANNOT!

          YES YOU CAN DO IT! So make the commitment and contact your local animal rescue and see what you need to do to sign up as a VOLUNTEER. Ask what positions they have available, and be sure to inform them of any special skills you might have. You might even be needed more than you realize. To find out what animal rescues are in your town you can GOOGLE them. Here are just two:

Since we like to go the extra mile, here is one that is WORLDWIDE for those of you reading this not in the USA.

We have posted many animal rescue directories by state in our FACEBOOK page. Many local animal oriented publications distributed at your local pet stores list them. If you are really having difficulty finding one, please by all means contact me directly through my email at:  remember there are many different types of animal, animal rescues, plus many different breed rescues for specific animals. This just means you have a lot of choices. Maybe you want to VOLUNTEER with more than one? KUDOS to you if you do.

          Attend a few of the local animal rescue adoption events to get a feel for just what goes on and be sure to introduce yourself and sign up right there and then to be a VOLUNTEER with them. You and the animal rescue will be glad you did.

          Just like your friends, relatives, and neighbors, VOLUNTEERS come in all shapes and sizes. So start asking some of them if they too would like to VOLUNTEER with you at your local animal rescue. As you must know, there is strength in numbers. Folks the scale of what we are talking about in here is massive. You are thinking about your own community obviously, yet everyone that reads this is in another community, and another. So our goal is for this to be WORLDWIDE. Our FACEBOOK page SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE has LIKE FANS from all over the WORLD reading and posting to it. So just imagine the shear magnitude the potential of all this has upon animal rescues everywhere? YOU have the unique opportunity to be a part of it now. So why wait? YOU HAVE THE POWER, so USE IT.

          I post this photo for those of you who are saying to yourselves you have heard much of this before, or that you are already an animal rescue VOLUNTEER. I NEVER GIVE UP mentioning information like this about becoming an animal rescue VOLUNTEER, because there is always someone who needs this information. Just like you did at one time. So please be patient and read on I guarantee you will find worthwhile information that is new to you or at least gets you thinking and motivated in one way or another in our BLOG POSTS. BTW this reminds me to ask all of you to please post YOUR COMMENTS in here after reading this BLOG. If you do not want it to be seen then email it to me directly. I want to hear what you want to see in the BLOG as well as the FACEBOOK page

SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE. You are important to the animals in need as well as us so we can deliver what you want in here. It is a WIN WIN WIN situation, the animals in need get your help, you get to read the resource materials you want to, and we get to provide you with the right educational information. Who can ask for anything better?

          SO YOU ARE INVITED to………….

          Make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE.

          By GIVING BACK and becoming an ANIMAL RESCUE SENIOR CITIZEN……..


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What can I expect from SHARE?


Since our main GOAL is to reach out to all Senior Citizens in the hope they will become active animal rescue VOLUNTEERS in their communities and inform other Senior Citizens about this opportunity we are constantly seeking new LIKES and/or FANS for the Facebook page. Senior Citizens have an endless amount of work experience and resources to bring to animal rescues everywhere. We encourage all Senior Citizens to become involved in animal rescue worldwide. Senior Citizens especially have time to fill, lots of knowledge and the need to be useful on a daily schedule. VOLUNTEERING at a local animal rescue is the answer. This is a win win for everyone involved, especially the animals. So please tell as many others about this Facebook page SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE as you can so our numbers grow with intensity in order to better serve the animal rescue population. Thank you for your compassion and dedication to help animals in need everywhere. 

We are located in the USA, yet hoping to make this a worldwide opportunity for Senior Citizens everywhere, which is why our blog page can be translated. Did you know that there are over One Billion Senior Citizens worldwide? Now that is a lot of potential VOLUNTEERS for animal rescues. So please LIKE and follow us because we soon hope to have a website and also are working on becoming a non profit 501c3 so we can really make a difference in animal rescue. Please spread the word and SHARE the Facebook page SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE and BLOG. Senior Citizens can network in there, post links to their favorite animal rescues so others can be aware of them, and SHARE their animal rescue VOLUNTEERING experiences. We will offer resource information for pet owners, VOLUNTEER opportunities available at local animal rescues, animal treat recipes, the websites of local animal rescues, and much much more. Also links to local animal rescue directories state by state so you can fine one near your home. We want this to be the GO TO PLACE for Senior Citizens who wish to be involved in animal rescue whether they do so already or want to learn more about it. Our Mission is that all animal rescues worldwide have enough VOLUNTEERS with no more homeless pets and all animal shelters be NO KILL SHELTERS. 

Once again, our goal is to connect Senior Citizens,  as VOLUNTEERS with local animal rescues worldwide, we hope to inspire, direct,  and educate you, plus answer any questions you might have about VOLUNTEERING with animal rescues. We would like to point out that VOLUNTEERS of any age are welcome in SHARE. We hope to create a worldwide network of VOLUNTEERS for local animal rescues to be able to draw from, and/or post what their VOLUNTEER needs are at any moment. We hope to supply you with informative resources linked to various animal oriented websites for just about anything. The more you make comments to the BLOG, the more we can be on target with our content. This BLOG is for YOU and YOU have the opportunity to help drive it. On the Facebook page SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE when we have a posting that you feel meets your needs as a VOLUNTEER or as a wanna be VOLUNTEER who has not yet taken the first step to VOLUNTEERING, please let us know.  This is why we post so many different types of posts on the Facebook page SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE, just to keep it interesting and ever changing for you. This BLOG is meant to be informative, educational, and entertaining for you. Feel free to ask questions in your comments and we always make our email address available to you anytime you want to contact us.             

We want to hear your VOLUNTEER experiences so others can learn from them. As you know communication is key, just like SHARING IS CARING. The Facebook page is about animal rescue and how important it is to be a VOLUNTEER. Although VOLUNTEER is just one word, there are infinite ways you can get involved as a VOLUNTEER with animal rescue. No matter where you are, and what your capabilities are, YOU CAN ALWAYS BE A VOLUNTEER with animal rescue. The first step is deciding which ones you want to VOLUNTEER with, then making contact with them to see what their VOLUNTEER needs are, and then applying for a VOLUNTEER position. Once you are accepted you are on your way. It is that easy. So why not begin today, right now? We have provided directories of local animal rescues by state. Remember just about any type and breed of animal has a rescue. So feel free to do your research.

Once you become an animal rescue VOLUNTEER you can begin to help others to do the same. As you can imagine how powerful it can be as each one of you educates another and so on and so on. Everyone knows there is much strength in numbers and we need to grow steadily around the world. Here is a sample of just where the FANS for the Facebook page are located. Is your country listed yet?

United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, Serbia, Italy, France, Algeria, Greece, Peru, Poland, Philippines, Pakistan, Turkey, Argentina, Ecuador, Taiwan, Portugal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Germany, Ghana, South Africa, Romania, Sweden, Tunisia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Venezuela, Jordan, Croatia, Iraq, Georgia, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovakia, Suriname, Hong Kong, & Belgium.

Now CAN YOU IMAGINE the vast potential if everyone recruits just ONE MORE PERSON and this continues on a daily schedule? This is why it is so important for everyone of you to network and communicate with others by SHARING as much information about VOLUNTEERING with animal rescue as you can. Tell others about SHARE and help spread the word far and side so the animals in need worldwide have a chance at VOLUNTEERS helping them at their animal rescues.

Again, if you still have questions or are uncertain about VOLUNTEERING with animal rescue, please ask me. Any question is the right one to ask. You cannot believe the feeling you get helping animals in need at your local community animal rescues. It will strengthen you in ways you cannot imagine.

Remember Seniors there is a lot more to retirement than being retired. 

24/7 has a lot of hours to fill and so many ways to do just that. Plus you do not always have to donate your time, perhaps your money, and not just cash. Think of all those things you have accumulated over the years. Do you really want and/or need all of them? Maybe donate some to your local animal rescue for fundraisers, such as garage sale events they have. Of course you can hold your own yard sale and donate a portion of the proceeds from it to your local animal rescue. We will continue to inform you of all the different ways you can VOLUNTEER from your home, as well at at the shelters. Do you have the time and space for FOSTERING?

What do you want to do with this portion of your life? Perhaps you can Mentor other VOLUNTEERS? Educate and inform others by SHARING your wisdom. Take charge of YOUR LIFE and begin to make a difference.

VOLUNTEER with your local animal rescues everywhere!

Thank all of you for reading this and SHARING with others. Please be sure to take the poll to the right of the title at the top of the page. You can also insert your email there and be informed when every new post is ready for you to read. New ones will follow soon so be ready for them. Most important please SHARE us with others whether they are Senior Citizens or not, as all animal rescues WELCOME ALL VOLUNTEERS of all ages.



Saturday, April 26, 2014

Some Information About Senior Citizens and VOLUNTEERING

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay, however we have moved and it took some time between packing, loading a truck, moving, unpacking and sorting things into the new home and still getting the other home in order to show it for resale. So now I find myself late at night with some free time and decided to write this BLOG post. Please post your comments and feedback after reading it?

I have not stopped asking for input from others about senior citizens in the role of VOLUNTEERS with animal rescues/shelters. The results are quite interesting as they vary. I am a positive person so my glass is constantly half full, so no matter what others have to say I still will be proceeding forward in networking all the seniors I can throughout the world to become VOLUNTEERS at their local animal rescues. We want you to join us and also help us by spreading the word to al the other seniors you know.

Numerous animal rescues I have questioned say they would love to have senior citizens VOLUNTEER with them. They feel it is a win win situation for everyone. This is why in the Facebook page and elsewhere I always offer to help any newbie VOLUNTEERS or wanna be VOLUNTEERS and answer any questions they might have about animal rescue and direct them to the ones closest to them. So please anyone who is still LOST or UNSURE, just email me at

VOLUNTEERING with animal rescues will open up a whole new chapter in your life and you will not be disappointed only to the fact you will ask yourself why you did not start sooner helping animals in need in your own communities. Better late than never, so START VOLUNTEERING TODAY!

Others have mentioned to me they are slightly disappointed with senior citizens as they have visited senior citizen centers and solicited their help with local animal rescues only to have no one accept or VOLUNTEER. Now I always say one cannot judge others until walking in their shoes. I am just sharing what has been shared with me. Many folks have a misconception of seniors and only think of feeble wheelchair bound elders and wonder how they could possibly be any help VOLUNTEERING. Even if this were the case, this type of senior would be perfect for those with companion animals that visit nursing and assisted living homes to be held and pet by those who reside there. So even in this situation those seniors are VOLUNTEERING their time to be with that animal even though it might seem the animal is VOLUNTEERING its time to be with the seniors. Does it really matter? The end result is the same the animal is loved and so is the senior citizen.

Many seniors do not have transportation or the physical ability to stand for long hours or hold the leash and walk an animal. There are endless ways a senior like this can still be a beneficial VOLUNTEER with an animal rescue. In the Facebook page I have provided links of directories of animal rescues and shelters so seniors can see which ones they reside near and even choose a specific animal breed rescue. Remember there are a lot more than just dog and cat rescue/shelters out there in the world. If you cannot find these links please email me directly and I can send you the link pages. I use WORLD because that is our goal to network senior citizens throughout the world with animal rescues/shelters. Over one billion senior citizens reside throughout the world so you can see that is quite a lot of VOLUNTEER potential.

Local rescues all over the country have responded and all say they would love to have senior citizens VOLUNTEERING with them. So please folks take that first step if you are not VOLUNTEERING already, contact your local rescues and see what VOLUNTEER positions are available. Remember not all of them have to be at the rescue and/or event, you might be able to VOLUNTEER from your own home. Several post I made on the Facebook page explained ways you can be a VOLUNTEER like this and be a great befit to the rescue. Maybe you network with others and coordinate and/or find donations from local business organizations. Does the rescue need a place to have an adoption event and/or fundraiser? Maybe they accept leftover items from community garage sales so they can sell them at their own fundraising sales? Do they need your help on their website logging in and updating it or emailing messages? Many of you have professional skills you can use which the rescues direly are in need of.

Recently we reached out to attempt to increase our LIKE numbers for the FACEBOOK  page and it is working. Thank all of you who helped by SHARING the posts and LIKING us! So this just proves it pays to ask and to spread the word of mouth. You can do the same once you VOLUNTEER with a local rescue by communicating with other seniors in hopes they too will become VOLUNTEERS like you. If you reside in a senior citizen community you have the opportunity to mention it to others on a daily basis, to speak about it at gatherings, clubs, and other meetings. Currently I am drafting up press release about the Facebook page and BLOG. Plus I have been asked to speak on several animal oriented radio & television programs in the near future. So we are proceeding slowly. One day we hope to be a non profit. So anyone with any ideas to help us grow, please let me know.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Thoughts About This BLOG?


Well it has been over a month since the last post in here and I had hoped that each BLOG post would have reader comments, especially since I had asked for feedback as to what you folks wanted to see in the BLOG and the FACEBOOK  Page

That is the main reason for the lapse of time since the last BLOG post. I plan to have regular posts and see a few of you took the polls I had to the upper right of the top of the page. I will create another for this post. As for wanting more animal rescue resources in the Facebook page and BLOG I have placed several in the past few days in the FACEBOOK Page with hyperlinks. I have also posted to the FACEBOOK Page how VOLUNTEERS can help online and from their homes instead of another location. Fact of the mater is as VOLUNTEERS you have almost an endless number of ways to help your local animal rescue as well as worldwide and national animal advocacy. So do not feel you have to VOLUNTEER at an animal rescue location or event. You need to communicate with them to see what they need and what they will allow you to do from home for them.

From time to time I may repeat myself with some of the information I give you, so I apologize in advance. It is just that so much of it is so important especially to those who are just considering VOLUNTEERING for the first time and are not sure how to begin. I want all of you to feel comfortable with VOLUNTEERING with animal rescues. You have to be happy and compassionate at what you are doing as a VOLUNTEER.

As I mention in the FACEBOOK Page profile and about sections and descriptions, I plan on this becoming a non-profit and one day have a separate website for SHARE. ( SENIORS HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES EVERYWHERE ) The goal is for networking SENIOR CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS in animal rescue all over the world. So if you travel you know where you can VOLUNTEER. A Senior Citizen is anyone 55 years of age and older, however I openly invite anyone no matter of age to VOLUNTEER with animal rescues with us at SHARE. Speaking of SHARE please be sure to SHARE the post on the FACEBOOK Page and this BLOG with as many others you might know who are open to VOLUNTEERING with animal rescues.

Recently I have begun posting pages from some resource material links I had created, plus attempting to post links to local animal rescues so those who might reside nearby could contact them. I highly encourage all of you to post links to your local animal rescues and anything you might have to SHARE  with other senior VOLUNTEERS on the FACEBOOK Page. SHARING IS CARING!

I am currently researching avenues to get the word out about us so the LIKE numbers will grow on the page allowing for a greater reach in the news feeds on FACEBOOK. I have also contacted friends I know in non profits and animal rescues in hopes they may have some feedback for me about the pages. If any of you have information that might help, please contact me via email at:

In the future I will have 10 minutes on a pet oriented radio program and a segment on a Skype television program. My plan is to post hyperlinks to them in here as well as the FACEBOOK Page. Hopefully there will be audio and video files so you can listen and watch the programs.

The most important thing I can write about in here now is just how important VOLUNTEERS are in animal rescues and the big difference they make on a daily basis not only to the animal rescues, and the animals, but to themselves. Yes YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. One you will always remember and be proudest of, as far as a lifetime achievement of the highest caliber.

In closing I thank all of you for reading this BLOG, and the FACEBOOK page and a big thank you to those of you who post comments and photos, not to mention LIKE us. Please keep informing and educating others about us. We need a strong membership because there is strength in numbers. Our voice needs to be heard because we are the voice of the animals in need everywhere.